About Us

Typing Sikho is a #1 portal for learning typing in an easier and quicker way.

There are so many websites and tools over the internet to learn typing, but they don’t provide everything that a typist need to learn and this is why it is not possible for everyone to reach out to a right platform where you can learn all the basics and essentials of typing calmly and trouble-free.

Typing Sikho includes all the necessary lessons which are featured on the basis of the user’s requirements. Here, you don't just learn typing, but also you can play free games, improve your typing speed by taking participate in various typing tests and activities that improves your typing skills and turns you into an excellent typing master.

Key features of using Typing Sikho are:

1.  Typing Sikho is completely free and it will always be!!

2.  In typing tutor section, there are different sessions for English and Hindi typing. Practice every day on these learning platforms will make your day!

3.  The chatting section includes:-

a)  Room chatting (available in Hindi and English languages).

b)  Personal chatting with friends for free.

c)   Make new friends and discuss with them your typing concerns.

4.  In the game section, play various games that will also help you to improve your concentration skills.

5.  You can view your typing progress daily and this will be saved automatically.

If you want us to add some other features on Typing Sikho, please contact us and we will incorporate them into our system too!!